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EQUAL Evaluation Learning Seminar 23-25 November 2006


The transnational EQUAL Evaluation Learning Seminar took place during 23rd to 25th of November 2006 and was held in Prague under the aegis of the European Commission in partnership with the Czech EQUAL Managing Authority, which has been for the period of 2004 – 2006 Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic. The transnational EQUAL Evaluation Learning Seminar was organized in order to compare results of EQUAL evaluation and in order to intensify exchange of information and experience in the field of the EQUAL principles evaluation. It was also a joint opportunity to meet and share ideas for the representatives of implementing bodies and independent evaluators across the EU. In total 56 participants attended the seminar.

The first day of the seminar was organized in the form of a joint session, where selected results and outputs from EQUAL evaluation were presented. Upcoming transnational project of the Czech EQUAL Managing Authority "EQUAL evaluation Community of Inquiry and Practice" (EQUAL eCIP) was also introduced at the beginning of the seminar. The second phase of the EQUAL eCIP project was officially launched at the seminar and participants were invited to join a common internet communication platform (ESF Forum), which was also introduced. Online communication platform is publicly accessible after registration to the ESF Forum at the web address. Transnational project on EQUAL evaluation Community of Inquiry and Practice that will be running within the Czech ESF Forum will serve as a platform for further intense exchange of experience, information and results between EQUAL evaluation experts across the whole EU.

Beside the introduction of the evaluation Community of Inquiry and Practice, a presentation given by the Spanish evaluator Mencia de Lemus (ECOTEC) on the DP projects self-evaluation was also significant for the participants as well as a presentation on evaluation of Czech non-governmental organizations experience with the partnership principle, given by Mr. Oto Potluka from the Institute for structural policy (IREAS). Discussions with several contributing comments to presented topics followed after the presentations.

The second day of the seminar, the participants were separated into three working groups in order to ensure constructive discussion and cooperation: evaluators, evaluation coordinators and representatives of Managing Authorities. The biggest group was the one of evaluators moderated by Ms. Nicola Duell from Economix (DE) - the evaluator at the EU level. The group of evaluators was working on evaluation of some of the main EQUAL principles - innovation, transnational cooperation and mainstreaming. Debates and exchanges of ideas generated useful outputs not only in terms of EQUAL principles but also in terms of evaluation methodology of innovative programmes, for example, what should be the role of an independent evaluator in the process of evaluating innovative programme. This topic was discussed also in the group of evaluation coordinators. The discussions revealed that more participatory role during evaluation, i.e. help and consulting during the whole implementation process of programmes, should be strengthened, but simultaneously evaluators should not lose their own distance and independence of an evaluator (too much involvement endangers independence).

The last day of the seminar, outputs from the working groups were presented by the three moderators in the working groups and information on following EQUAL evaluation Community of Inquiry and Practice was reminded. The realization of the seminar appears to be a greatly beneficial event judging by immediate reactions from the participants. Organization of the seminar was significant and contributive among other aspects also due to the fact that evaluators might have not had enough similar opportunities for such intense transnational exchange of information and experience. Because of that, evaluators also greatly appreciated the initiative of the Czech EQUAL Managing Authority on establishing transnational EQUAL evaluation Community of Inquiry and Practice. All detailed outputs from the seminar including all presentations and the whole history of the seminar preparations are publicly accessible after registration inside online ESF Forum in the Czech republic at web address.

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