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Equal is a European Social Fund (ESF) Community Initiative, providing funds to projects which test and promote new means of combating discrimination and inequalities in the labour market. EQUAL is based on the principle of partnerships and collaboration which seeks to fight all forms of discrimination and inequality in the labour market and in access to the labour market. Equality is when people with the same qualifications are treated equally and when people with differing qualifications are treated individually and differently.

Equal operates across identified thematic fields which embrace the four pillars of the European Employment Strategy and support for asylum seekers. Equal funds activities implemented by strategic partnerships called Development Partnerships (DPs).

Equal encourages participation and transnational co-operation through partnership on a national and international level as well.

The Equal Czech Community Initiative Programme (CIP) Plan 2004–2006 was approved by the European Commission.

The first round of Equal consisted of 10 Development Partnerships in the Czech Republic.
A second round, with a further 59 DPs across the country, began in 2004. The DPs now run for a period of 2–3 years.
Further background information on the Czech EQUAL are available in the Programming document.

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